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The Leading directory of International Outsourcing Contributors amid a network of over thousands of outsourcing companies around the globe.

With offshore outsourcing expanding at a rapid pace, the fast-evolving requirements of a global market have become increasingly complex and overseas buyers now seek the services of knowledge process outsourcing firms to meet the challenging demands of knowledge-intensive tasks like research, analysis, training or recruitment. Widely regarded as a giant leap ahead of traditional BPO offerings, KPO services occupy the high end of the value chain, and necessitate high efficiency & impeccable quality for successful implementation of mission-critical projects.

Why a Standalone KPO Listing
As an expert in industry pulse survey, Explore Outsourcing fully comprehends how high-end service buyers need to integrate Ideation & Implementation through an effective global teamwork. Although a new business model, knowledge process offshoring has fulfilled these requirements to witness a phenomenal growth and generate bigger revenues than the traditional BPO segment. In a bid to address the upcoming trend, Explore Outsourcing has promptly responded to the changing market dynamics and showcases a totally separate listing of KPO service providers from across the globe. The premier B2B directory effectively connects knowledge workers to international buyers looking for in-depth domain expertise, extensive industry experience and world-class quality standards.

According to a report by GlobalSourcingNow, the international KPO market is expected to grow by 45%-50% per annum and reach $17 billion by 2010. As most of the KPO companies are located in countries like China, Russia, India, Israel or the Philippines, selling KPO services to the USA, UK, Canada or other European countries usually requires extensive branding across geographic divides, as well as effective trust-building exercise. At Explore Outsourcing, we serve as a global hub for buyers and providers – so that new-millennium enterprises with KPO requirements can access the niche market of professional services companies across diverse industry verticals.

Registering with Explore Outsourcing not only enables KPO firms to post their profiles from anywhere in the world and gain top-level visibility but also ensures that the providers of high-quality, knowledge-intensive services can bid on featured projects which match their domain expertise and help fuel growth. Listing in Explore Outsourcing also generates quality leads as our registered buyers can search the KPO Directory by service category, interact with the KPO firms on board and assign projects to most suitable service providers.

If you are a KPO company looking for outsourcing assignments and a healthy ROI (return on intelligence), register with Explore Outsourcing today and get ready access to an extensive network of global buyers. For organisations keen to find the right experts for their KPO projects, we offer value well beyond mere cost arbitrage and help you access unparalleled expertise offered by a globally growing database of KPO service providers.

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